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This bundle includes, one smoky quartz crystal, one sachet of blue sage, a signed photo and a third eye technicolor button. 


About Smoky Quartz:
Smoky quartz is an excellent grounding stone. It has a strong link with the Earth and base chakras and works well to relieve fear, stress and depression while gently dissolving negative or no-longer-in-your-favor energies, thus raising your vibe! It aids in acceptance of the physical body and brings calmness when we get too caught up in the "to-do's" and "must-do's" of the physical world. I use this stone frequently. Crystals vary in size, shape and coloration.


About Blue Sage:
Sage is used to clear a space or body of negative or unwanted energy. I burn sage in my home frequently, after cleaning, before writing, before guests arrive, after guests leave... whenever I feel like I need an energy reset!

Good Vibes Bundle w/ Smoky Quartz

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