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Only 8 available! This bundle includes, one Lemurian Quartz crystal, one sachet of blue sage, a signed photo and a third eye button. 


About Lemurian Quartz: 

Lemurian Quartz can be differentiated from classic quartz by the horizontal striations that look similar to bar codes on one or more sides of the crystal. While other crystals can be programmed to your unique energy and needs, Lemurian Quartz is said to be pre-programmed by the ancient Lemurian civilization and planted around the world for future generations to find when the time is right. That's why they are found loose in the ground, and not in clusters or mines like classic quartz. This pre-programmed information can be activated through mediation with the stone. This is a perfect crystal for lightworkers and those seeking a deeper connetion with the Divine. Crystals vary in size from about 1.5 to 2.5 inches. 


About Blue Sage:
Sage is used to clear a space or body of negative or unwanted energy. I burn sage in my home frequently, after cleaning, before writing, before guests arrive, after guests leave... whenever I feel like I need an energy reset!

Good Vibes Bundle w/ Lemurian Quartz

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