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This bundle includes, one Herkimer diamond crystal, one sachet of blue sage, a signed photo and a third eye button. 


About Herkimer Diamonds: 
Herkimer is a powerful attunement crystal. It stimulates psychic abilities, promotes dream recall and understanding, and can be used to access past life information so that you can recognize and address blockages to your spiritual growth. Pretty powerful stuff! I sometimes sleep with a crystal under my pillow when I want to tap into my dreams more consciously. Herkimer can be pretty expensive, but I was gifted these beautiful, sizable, sparkly chunks of light body activators by a family friend. I hope you enjoy the good vibes! Crystals vary in size from about 1.5 to 2.5 inches. 


About Blue Sage:
Sage is used to clear a space or body of negative or unwanted energy. I burn sage in my home frequently, after cleaning, before writing, before guests arrive, after guests leave... whenever I feel like I need an energy reset!

Good Vibes Bundle w/ Herkimer Diamond

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